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• Ranges: 16mm with up to 1200mm span and 32mm with up to 2100mm.

• Opening: fixed.

• Surface:16 and 32mm polycarbonate, 16 and 32mm sandwich panel, a 4 + 4 laminated glass or insulated glazing panels. (Consult)

Uses: Restaurants, cafés, terraces, patios, attics, hotels, social centers, yacht clubs, schools, Kindergartens, institutes, universities, sports areas, greenhouses, hospitals, senior residences and to set-up smoking areas.

Imagine being able to decide in which underused place you would like to be, with all guarantees of maximum comfort, regardless of weather conditions, by installing one of our Replus´roofs.

Replus is synonymous with well-being, if you are going to install a roof, do not cut corners on quality and safety, you and yours deserve the best and more.